How to repair a TRELLCHEM®suit?

Minor damages like small holes you can repair yourself using the AlphaTec® / TRELLCHEM® Repair kit, which contains patches, glue, hardener and solvent for cleaning. For instructions on how to do the repair, look in the AlphaTec® / TRELLCHEM® suit manuals.

Changing cuffs and gloves are easily done and instructions are found in the AlphaTec® / TRELLCHEM® suit manuals.

Face seal and visor are, however, more difficult to change. Either the suit can be sent to your local distributor or to Ansell Protective Solutions, or you can attend an AlphaTec® / TRELLCHEM® Repair course to learn how to do it yourself. If you are interested in an AlphaTec® / TRELLCHEM® Repair course, just contact your local distributor or our Customer Service at

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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