Where do I find the serial number on a gas-tight suit?

Every AlphaTec® (TRELLCHEM®) gas-tight suit manufactured has a unique number which makes it possible to trace when it was manufactured as well as which materials and components was used. This number is called "Production number", "Batch number", "Serial number" or simply the "Suit number".

On suits manufactured since April 2012 the number look like this:

Example 1: Trellchem EVO suit       Serial no: EVOR_1000731_13

Example 2: Trellchem Super suit    Serial no: TSY_1001103_13

You will find the number on the Inner label glued inside the suit, in the back or in the hump. On suits with NFPA approval the labels says "Serial no" and on CE-marked suits the label says "Production no". 

Note: When corresponding with our Customer Service about specific suit issues you should always tell them the suit's Serial/Production number, the complete number with both letters and numbers.

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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