A full-scale test method for testing flammability and thermal protection of garments.

PyroMan is typically used for evaluating fire fighters’ clothing and is performed using a mannequin which is dressed with the clothing to be tested.

The mannequin is placed in a test chamber with 8 burners placed in a circle at two different height levels. A flash fire is produced for a defined number of seconds and sensors on the mannequin measure the temperature on the “skin”, which is then calculated into a predicted burn injury level. The afterflame time of the clothing is also measured.

TRELLCHEM  EVO and TRELLCHEM VPS-Flash have been tested in the PyroMan at NC State University, U.S. The Flash Fire was set for 4 seconds and the outstanding result, for both suits, was 0 seconds after flame and 0 % burn injuries! Watch the video below. 

Video showing TRELLCHEM® VPS-Flash in the PyroMan test:

The main purpose of a chemical protective suit is to protect against hazardous chemical substances but this type of work environment also frequently produces a risk of encountering flammable liquids as well as explosive atmospheres, wherefore wearing a suit that has been tested and approved according to the toughest standards is important.

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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