Optional Chemical Approval

All dry diving suits need to be tested and certified to EN14225-2:2017. Suits that are claimed to offer some degree of protection from chemicals need to be tested against the additional requirements contained within this standard. The symbol HZ is used to designate chemical protection.

EN 14225-2 optional hazmat “HZ” approval

All diving drysuits need to be tested and certified to EN 14225:2-2017. Additionally, if drysuits are to be offered for contaminated water diving, they require additional hazmat (HZ) testing.

The table of chemical groups for HZ testing is as follows:

Category Symbol Chemical Cas-nr. Chemical Family
Acids Ac H2 SO4 50% ( aqueous ) 7654-93-9 Inorganic acid
Bases Bs NaOH 50% ( aqueous ) 1310-73-2 Alkaline Solution
Polar Solvent Ps Isopropanol 67-63-0 Alcohol
Fuel Oils F Liquid B - 70% iso-octane/ 30% toluene   Petroleum
Liquid F - 80% paraffin oil / 20% 1 - methyl napthalene   Diesel/Aviation fuel

Note: The fuel oils B and F are as described in ISO 1817:1999

The tests are permeation testing (ISO 6529), and involve the suit material and “critical interfaces” including zipper. Seams are also tested. Suits are then classified with a protection index as follows (the minimum acceptable breakthrough time is 20 minutes):

Low Protection Index  20 - 60 minutes
High Protection Index  > 60 minutes
  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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