Optional Micro-organism approval

All dry diving suits need to be tested and certified to EN14225-2:2005. Suits that are claimed to offer some degree of protection from micro-organisms need to be tested against the additional requirements of this standard. The symbol BIO is used to designate micro-organism protection.

For testing of the BIO option , the standard EN14126 Performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing against infective agents, is applied. From this standard the following tests are called up.

ISO 16603 - Penetration resistance test under pressure using synthetic blood.

ISO 16604 - Penetration resistance test for blood-borne pathogens using a bacteriophage.

ISO 22610 - Wet bacterial penetration resistance test.


All dry diving suits listed below are approved to the protection from micro-organisms ( BIO ) option of EN 14225-2

  • Viking PRO
  • Viking HD
  • Viking PROTECH BE Navy version only
  • Viking HDS
  • Viking HAZTECH



  • Last updated 3/26/2012
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