Trellchem® Splash 1500

Coverall with hump providing liquid splash protection, specifically designed for first response & check-up at chemical accidents.

  • NEW!!!
  • Fits on top of fire turnout gear & SCBA
  • Light-weight
  • Soft & comfortable to wear
  • Requires minimum storage space


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Trellchem® Splash 1500


Coverall with hump and hood, designed to be worn on top of turnout gear and SCBA. Elastic in the waist for good fit. Two chest openings/slits, with Velcro closing, where the demand hose is passed through.


The Trellchem® Splash 1500 material is made from a light-weight stretch material with outside PVC coating. This construction provides a soft and very comfortable material, which is also easy to fold for minimum storage space.


Double welded seams.


  • EN 14605, type 4 ”spray tight”
  • EN 14126
  • EN 1149-5


Elasticated hood, which attaches around the mask visor. The hood is fitted with a chin flap with Velcro closing.

hose drop stop

A plastic device, "Drop stop", is attached to the hose upon donning the suit, and then fixed in one of the chest openings/slits. The Drop stop prevents liquids from penetrating the suit via the demand hose.


Extra long zipper, for easy donning when wearing the SCBA. The zipper is placed on the front and covered with a double flap with Velcro closing.


Open double sleeves i.e. inner sleeve with elastic and outer with Velcro strap closing. Optionally the suit can be fitted with the Trellchem® Bayonet ring system and Scorpio #08-354 neoprene rubber gloves. Read more.


Open legs with Velcro strap cloing. Optionally sewn-in socks.


Knees are reinforced to provide extra abrasion resistance.

optional design features

  • Reflective markings on sleeves and legs
  • Belt & belt lops


Certificate EN 14605


declaration of conformity

DoC Splash 1500


product sheet

Trellchem® Splash 1500


product specification

Specification Trellchem® Splash 1500


User Manual

Link to Trellchem® User Manuals


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