A new tactical suit designed for optimal comfort and manoeuvrability while at the same time offering protection against warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Intended for Law Enforcement and Military, HAZMAT and SWAT teams, search & rescue, decontamination.

  • NEW!
  • Light-weight
  • Low noise
  • 3D shaped face seal
  • Padded shoulders
  • Optional features for customization

Available for the US market per October 28th (2014).


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Trellchem® ACT is a Level B/non-encapsulating/type T suit for use with an SCBA* worn outside the suit.

 *Please refer to the NFPA 1994 certificate for information about approved SCBAs.


A textile base combined with fluoropolymer technology provides a light-weight, supple and highly chemical protective material. The textile outside gives a comfortable feeling as well as low noise level for the wearer.


The seams are stitched with an aramid thread for superior strength and durability. The inside is sealed with a welded-on barrier tape in order to create a continuous barrier across the seam, giving the same chemical properties as the garment material itself.


Approx 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)




  • NFPA 1994: 2012 Class 2


The hood is fitted with a thin, 3D shaped mask seal made from butyl rubber, for ultimate sealing to the face mask as well as high chemical protection. A neck strap in the back of the hood helps create optimal fit of the hood and mask.


Water repellent zipper placed diagonally on the front of the suit, for quick & easy donning and doffing. The zipper closes downwards, for added safety, and is protected by a double splash guard (flap).


Ansell Butyl Plus rubber gloves with Trellchem® ACT Overglove made from aramid fiber. The Butyl Plus glove is thin and comfortable for enhanced dexterity and the Overglove has a shaft with specially designed shape to fit perfectly on-top of the Trellchem® Bayonet ring.

The gloves are attached either with the Trellchem® Bayonet ring system, for possibility to replace the gloves, or they are mounted permanently by gluing them to the sleeves.


The suit is fitted with sewn-in socks/booties made of the garment material. To be worn with Onguard Hazmax® boots, which are certified with the suit but not included.


Shoulders are fitted with padding to help spread the weight of the SCBA, thereby creating better comfort and ergonomy. Optionally knees and elbows can also be fitted with padding.


Optionally the suit can be fitted with pockets on chest, hip and/or leg as well as reflective tape on sleeves & legs, for enhanced user friendliness and visibility.


Permeation data

Chemicals stipulated in NFPA 1994:2012


CHEMICAL Requirement Result
Acrolein < 6.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour < 1.0
Acrylonitrile (VCN) < 6.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour < 1.0
Ammonia < 6.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour < 1.0
Chlorine < 6.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour < 1.0
Dimethyl sulfate (DMS) < 6.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour < 1.0
Mustard gas (HD) < 4.0 µm/cm2 in 1 hour 0.01
Soman (GD) < 1.25 µm/cm2 in 1 hour ND

Tests are performed according to test method described in NFPA 1994. ND = Not detected.


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