Integrated Shower System

The integrated shower system is a garment installed in the shelters.

It creates different zones inside the tent:
- waiting
- undressing
- shower
- redressing

- inspection
Possible designed with the inside walls that could be lifted up, when necessary.

  • Light material
  • Fitted with Velcro tape
  • Covers all shelter from the inside


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Integrated Shower System

  • Consisting of curtain with entry and exit zipper
  • Standard equipment per shower cabin: curtains with one entry and exit, one inflatable basin
  • Not included: Decon shower strips.
  • PA, PU coating, 85g/2
  • white
Lines/Sections Waiting Undressing Shower Dressing Inspection
2   X X X  
3   X X X  
4 X X X X  
 5 X X X X X


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