TRETIGHT™ 1100L is an inflatable dock seal - a simple yet effective, weatherproof product.

  • Top extension length is 1100 mm, which enables the possibility to have usable height above the dock between 3400 mm and 2300 mm.
  • Side closing area of 1000 mm provides flexibility in usable vehicle width from 2400 mm up to 3400 mm.


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TRETIGHT™ 1100L consists of the following parts:

  • Top cushion 1100, where the width is 3500 mm, extension part 1100 mm, 5 ducts
  • Side cushions L (right and left), where the length is 3650 mm, closing distance 1000 mm, 5 ducts

TRETIGHT™ top cushion
The cushion is sewn together for maximum flexibility. The top cushion is constructed so that, when deflated, its curtain and a part of the cushion itself, is rolled onto the roller. The curtain is attached to the roller by a double sticking tape.

The retraction is achieved by means of a counter weight placed in the left hand side cushion.

The cushion has eyelets for optimal function and for drainage of condensed water, if necessary. It is also equipped with internal elastics for improved retraction.

The fitting of the cushion is simplified by the usage of C-profiles in which a rope, sewn into the cushion, is inserted.

The backside of the top cushion is equipped with 3 tongues with eyelets for simple fixation of the cushion. All, except one internal fabric, are made from coated fabric. The top cushion has two air ducts for distribution of air to the side cushions and a PVC pipe which is used to connect the fan.

TRETIGHT™ side cushions
The side cushions are sewn. The unique curved design of the side cushions gives an excellent sealing ability.

The retraction is as standard by elastic cords which are fitted to the cushion by means of snap-hooks for easy exchanging. On the upper part 4 holes are placed for lowering of friction between the top and the side cushions. The side cushions are fitted to the wall by means of C-profiles.

There is a corner cushion to improve the tightness at the lower end of the cushion.

The left-hand side cushion has a hatch for handling of the counter weight when installing the seal.

TRETIGHT™ top and side cushions are installed with the fitting items, which are chosen accordingly. Read more about the TRETIGHT™ fitting items.

TRETIGHT™ is CE-marked and its construction matches the requirements of the EU machinery and product safety directives.

TRETIGHT™ is easy to operate and integrate into the whole docking system. The seal has no steel construction around the side cushions that can be damaged by the trucks.

1. Dock the truck

The reversing truck cannot damage the side cushions as the bumper stops the truck from pressing the side cushions against the wall of the building.

2. Start the fan

The air from the fan inflates the cushions, starting with the side cushions, followed by the top cushion. The cushions form a tight seal between the truck and the building. The inflation takes less than 30 seconds.

3. The fan is running during the entire docking

The fan is operating all the time the seal is used. The air is taken from the outside via a fan grate which gives a low sound level measured to less than 75dB(A). The low pressure and the flexible fabric give a good tightness around the vehicle.

4. Turn off the fan

Once the fan is turned off, the pressure drops and the vehicle can be driven away. It takes some 1 minute to completely deflate and pull the cushions to the deflated position. The TRETIGHT™ slides back towards the wall, it is stored in such a way that it does not come into contact with vehicles backing into the loading bay. Wear and tear as well as the danger of damage is minimal. The flexible fabric contributes to the quick movement of the cushions especially when deflating.

The counterweight for the top cushion and the elastic cords for the side cushions bring the cushions well away from the truck in order to avoid damages. The heavy counter weight for the top cushion, 14 kg, together with the ball bearing pulley gives quick retraction of the top cushion.

5. Drive away

Cushions are made from CHLOROPRENE RUBBER COATED POLYAMIDE fabric for maximum flexibility and wear resistance. The material provides an excellent fit around the roof and sides of the vehicle. It remains elastic and supple even in cold weather conditions.


  • Weather resistance
  • Ageing resistance
  • Oil and grease resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility


  • Thickness 0.50 mm
  • Weight 410g/m2
  • Tensile Strength (ISO 1421) <2500 N/50 mm
  • Tear Strength (ISO 4674) <150 N
  • Resistance to low temperatures (The coating must not show cracks when folding it rapidly after 2 h cooling to - 30° CSS-ISO 812)
  • Water tightness (ISO 811) 800 mm


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