Non Rubber Dry Suit Pockets

A range of cargo pockets made from the same material as the suit body. Cargo pockets or Tech pockets are available.

  • VSN cargo and Tech pockets
  • VTS, SRS, WRS cargo and Tech pockets
  • Made from Cordura, Nylon or Polyester to match the drysuit


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Non Rubber Dry Suit Pockets

Standard Cargo pockets are made in a bellows style, and have a Velcro closure system. Drain holes are built into the bottom of each pocket.

VSN pockets are made from VSN material.

VTS, SRS & WRS pockets are made from either Cordura, Nylon or Polyester material and match the suit body material.

Tech Pockets are larger volume pockets, also made from material which matches the suit body. The Tech pocket features velcro fastening, drain holes, internal elastic for attaching diving accessories, and the closing flap has a stiffener to make closing the flap easy.

Colour: All pockets are black.


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