Combi Yoke System

The Combi yoke is a long established traditional method of attaching a neck seal or hood to a drysuit by way of a lock ring assembly.

  • Allows the user to pick only a latex neck seal or in combination with a latex hood
  • Ideal for police dive teams or other search and rescue organisations


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Combi Yoke System

The Combi Yoke system was developed many years ago, and has been replaced in recent years by lighter weight Quick Connect Collar Systems.

The Combi Yoke system comprises 6 main parts as folllows:

  • Latex combi yoke
  • Combi latex neck seal
  • Combi latex hood
  • Rigid palstic ring
  • Metal lock ring
  • Combi rubber band

The latex Combi yoke is attached by glue and tape to the suit.

Latex combi neckseal is then attached to the yoke by way of a rigid plastic ring which fits inside the combi yoke. This is held in place by a metal lock ring which sits over a combi rubber band.

The Combi latex hood can be attached along with the Combi latex neck seal if required, also using the rigid plastic ring and the metal lock ring also fitted over the protective rubber band.




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