The VIKING™ WRS is a water rescue suit with non-adjustable torso, made from a very light material. The suit provides protection to users such as fire rescue teams, coastguards, environment agency teams and other water borne personnel who are not divers, but are working on, near or above water. These suits are ideal for shallow water wading operations. Suits are front entry for ease of operation and comfort.

  • Lightweight durable material
  • "Vulca Seam technology" ensures water tight seams for the life of the suit
  • Abrasion and puncture resistant
  • Easy to clean when contaminated with biological contaminants
  • Front entry, non adjustable torso, for ease of operation


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255 g/m2 Nylon outer / Butyl midply / Nylon inner. Light and flexible. Good puncture and abrasion resistance. Smooth close knit exterior surface.


Black legs/black top, Black legs/yellow top.

High visibility reflectors are fitted as standard to the zip flap, wrists,upper arms and rear of legs.


External seams are folded and stitched to lie flat. Internal seams are chemically treated and then an uncured rubber tape is applied to the seams using heat and pressure. Finally the suit is placed inside a vulcaniser whereby the rubber tape becomes cured into the material surface. This is known as "Vulca Seam technology".


The VIKING™ WRS material is inherently abrasion and puncture resistant. Additional reinforcements are however fitted as standard to the knees and elbows.


  • PPE Directive 89/686/EEC, using applicable parts of
    EN 15027-1:2002


Medium Duty non mag zipper, 85 cm or 90 cm length dependent on suit size.

Zipper flap fitted as standard.

Alternative options:
Relief zipper may be fitted.


Rubber coated 5 mm neoprene boots with a fin retainer are fitted as standard.

Options include nitrile safety boots, PVC wellies, latex socks or VSN material socks if the suits are to be used with overboots.


The VIKING™ WRS is fitted with a Surveyor latex neck seal as standard.

Alternative options:
Bellows latex neck seal or neoprene neck seal. The suit may also be fitted with the VIKING™ Quick Neck system, which allows for quick changing of broken seals. A neoprene neck warmer may be paired with a latex neck seal.


VIKING™ WRS suits may be fitted with a wide range of hood options as follows:
Surveyor latex hood + thermal inner hood, Nautic neoprene hood with smooth face seal, Smoothskin hood.


Latex conical cuffs are standard.

Cuff options:
PRO latex cuffs or bellows latex cuffs

Glove ring options:
In order to make the suit completely waterproof, it is possible to fit a rubber cuff ring system with fixed external rubber ring, and loose stiff plastic ring which holds the latex seal in place. The alternative is a plastic bayonet glove ring system with a plastic ring mounted on the sleeve, and a replaceable cuff held in place with a plastic ring.

Both systems then make the fitment of  latex gloves possible.


Each suit comes supplied as standard with the following items:
Suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit and zip care materials.

Nylon / butyl / nylon 255 g / m2





0.30 mm



255 g/m2

ISO 3801

 Tensile Strength

Warp: 1500 N

Weft: 1500 N

ISO 1421

 Tear Strength

Warp: 80 N

Weft:  80 N

ISO 4674

 Puncture Resistance

100 N

pr EN 863

 Abrasion Resistance

 After 5,000 cycles, weight loss 2 gms

ISO 5470-1 H18, 250 g


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