Ansell Protective Solutions (APS - formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) is one of the world's leading producers of protective clothing and related products. Through world renowned brand names like TRELLCHEM® and VIKING™, APS develops and manufactures chemical protective suits and dry diving suits, along with inflatable shelters, dock seals and a range of custom-made products for various industries.

Our protection concept is fundamental in practically all these products. But how the concept is realized varies from business to business, from product to product and - most important - from customer to customer.

We know that our ability to adapt to user requirements is vital to our customers. And through the years and from daily work with protective rubber products of all kinds, it could indeed be said that we know how to protect our customers. 

Top modern manufacturing site

In 2007 Ansell Protective Solutions, at this time Trelleborg Protective Products, moved the majority of its manufacturing operations from Ystad, Sweden to Tauragé, in Lituania. In 2009, this was followed by the transfer of the manufacturing operations based in Hull, UK. Today, Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania, UAB (formerly Trelleborg Engineered Systems Lithuania), is running a top modern facility where the complete manufacturing operations of Ansell Protective Solutions are included. Products being manufactured include everything from the TRELLCHEM® gastight chemical suits and VIKING™ rubber dry suits to TRETIGHT™ dock seals as well as a volume rich OEM production line consisting of managed care products and escape hoods. 

TESLIT - TPP manufacturing site in Tauragé, Lithuania


APS locations

Ansell Protective Solutions has offices in USA, Singapore, UAE, Lithuania and the Russian Federation. Headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden.

  • Last updated 1/18/2018
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