From raincoats to safety standards

As previously being part of the global industrial group Trelleborg, Ansell Protective Solutions AB (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products AB) draws from over 100 years of profound knowledge and competence within the polymer materials field and related areas of application.

Trelleborg protective products at the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden1914

Manufacturing of products for personal protection started humbly in the 1960s with the production of raincoats – made from rubber compounds. A unique ability to develop, maintain and guarantee the quality of all materials evolved during the 1980s into the brand TRELLCHEM® range of personal protective products.

Today, Ansell Protective Solutions is relied on to provide personal protection for professionals in hazardous working conditions all around the world.

The Trellchem VPS Flash suit in use by FDNY’s hazmat team.

The range of products has also been developed to provide personal protection underwater. With the same dedication to research, quality control and exhaustive field-testing, the VIKING™ brand is a leading provider of products for diving in hazardous conditions.

Trelleborg Akvarex Front Entry Dry Suit, late 70’s.

  • Last updated 1/18/2018
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