Recreational Diving

From easy-breezy diving to deep technical challenges.

It is safe to say that recreational diving as we know it has developed hugely just in the last 10 years. Technology that previously was accessible and affordable only to military forces and corporations are now turned into regular diving products available for diving enthusiasts all over the world. This technological advancement is taking divers to new destinations and exciting underwater adventures on a regular basis. And doing this, the requirements and safety aspects on the equipment used must obviously be put on a prime position. This is why Viking diving suits are such a great fit to the developing recreational diving segment. With safety of the diver’s health always in focus, and with more than 60 years experience of supplying commercial grade dry diving suits to the most demanding customers worldwide, we know what it takes to build products to depend upon. Not just for diving in shallow warm waters, but also for the most technically demanding dives.


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