FDNY upgrades to Trellchem®VPS-Flash as their standard Level A suit

Trelleborg Protective Products is pleased to announce that the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY), which is the largest fire department in the United States with over 14,000 emergency responders, has chosen to upgrade to Trellchem® VPS-FLASH as their standard Level A, fully encapsulated personal protective ensemble.

This unique reusable, single skin, one layer suit is made of a new patent pending garment material developed and produced by Trelleborg Protective Products. The material is a combination of specialized rubber and plastic laminates, together with a special woven fabric that forms a strong and flexible material, offering outstanding chemical flash fire protection.  Additionally, this material exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, punctures, tears and superior chemical resistance properties.

FDNY selected the Trellchem VPS-Flash due to its unique ability to withstand the harsh environments that it is used in. Along with standard features such as fogless lens, bayonet cuff system and hard visor, these suits are also equipped with a pass-through and tear-off lens to protect the visor from scratches. In addition, a customized inventory database is being developed specifically for the FDNY. 

The Trellchem VPS-Flash is fully certified NFPA 1991-2005 with both the Flash Fire & Liquefied gas options.  The ensemble can be donned quickly as it has only a single layer while the built-in flash protection along with superior abrasion resistance, allows FDNY members to perform their jobs with greater functionality and safety.



For more information:

Trelleborg Protective Products AB

Martin Lundström, Marketing Director, Trelleborg Protective Products AB

Tel: +46 410 51 825 E-mail: martin.lundstrom@trelleborg.com

  • Last updated 10/27/2014
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