New ACTIVARMR® website

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Ansell is pleased to announce the launch of the new website.

This new website now provides users:

  • Inclusive domain for all applicable markets that the brand targets with specialized solutions.
  • Consistent look & feel for the user.
  • Easy & simple navigation to learn about products, services, hand safety, etc.
  • Find A Glove functionality to assist user with proper glove selection based on their specialty & need. 
  • Easy to access product education videos.

ActivArmr® Personal Protective Gear is designed and engineered to offer the optimum balance of dexterity, comfort and performance for the real world extremes of the military and emergency services, as well as construction job sites. These gloves are tailored to fulfill needs of each industry -- Construction, Oil & Gas / Mining, Automotive Aftermarket.

  • Last updated 10/27/2014
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