TRELLCHEM® offers excellent protection against HF, Hydrogen Fluoride

31 March 2014, TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN - - 

Ansell EMEA have been successfully selling Trellchem Super Freeflow suits to petrochemical refineries in the region, which are using the HF ALKYLATION process by company Honeywell UOP in America. This process involves HF, i.e. hydrogen fluoride, a very hazardous/corrosive chemical. For that reason good personal protection equipment is a must, such as the Trellchem Super Freeflow suit. The HF ALKYLATION process assists the gasoline producers to fulfill new and stricter specifications as well as to improve output.

Viton® rubber offers extremely good protection against HF in all forms and is not affected by this chemical. Trellchem Super and Trellchem EVO materials, both with outer coating of Viton® rubber, are therefor recommended in situations where the risk to get in direct contact with HF is high. There is a range of products made from the Trellchem Super material, such as gastight suits, Freeflow suit, Freeflow Hood and Splash suits. Which product to use depends on type of work and risk level. 

TRELLCHEM® Super Freeflow

Hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride are all often referred to as HF, which sometimes causes misunderstanding. The base chemical is called hydrogen fluoride (HF), which is a gas at normal room temperature. If the gas is dissolved in water it becomes hydrofluoric acid, which comes in different concentrations. If the gas is condensed (stored under pressure) to form a liquid, this is referred to anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.  

Please see below for chemical permeation data for Trellchem Super and Trellchem EVO against HF, with explanations and estimations for HF – Hydrogen fluoride - Hydrofluoric acid - Hydrogen fluoride, liquefied.




                                                                          EVO (HPS)       VPS-FLASH/VPS      SUPER

Hydrofluoric acid 48 - 49%,                        >480                  >480                            >480

Hydrogen fluoride, anhydrous                   >240                  Est (**) >240              >120*

Hydrogen fluoride, gas                               >480                   Est (**) >480              >480*


All permeation tests are performed in accordance with ASTM F739, breakthrough criterion 0.1 μg/cm2/min, except chemicals marked (*) which are tested according to EN 374, breakthrough criterion 1 μg/cm2/min.

The tests were performed at Intertek Testing Services, ITS (USA), Texas Research Institute, TRI (USA) and Force Technology (Denmark). 

The results marked (**) are estimated results based on tests conducted on another chemical than hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride or the gas. 


• Viton® rubber (top coating of Trellchem® EVO/Super materials) offers extremely good protection against HF and is normally not affected/degraded by the chemical, when taking instructions for use and expressed limitations into account. 

• Chloroprene rubber (top coating of Trellchem® VPS-Flash/VPS materials) offers very good protection against HF in lower concentrations, but at high concentrations the acid will severely affect/degrade the chloroprene material.


Trellchem® is a registered trademark owned by Trelleborg AB. Viton® is a registered trademark owned by DuPont Performance Elastomers L.L.C.

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