The Viking dry suit portfolio updated

From March 26th 2012, Trelleborg Protective Products and Viking are introducing product updates on the Viking portfolio, which improve and adds value to all styles of Viking dry suits; Viking rubber dry suitsViking trilaminate suits and Viking PU dry suits. As a result, the portfolio becomes more focused and will now have 12 different suits in the range made from a variety of fabrics and for segment specific applications. Apart for dry suit diving applications, Viking will also offer dry suits for Search & Rescue applications and hot water suits for offshore applications. One of the more significant updates made is that all Viking rubber dry suits, and the Viking HAZTECH suit, have now been tested and certified to standard EN 14126 - Protection from micro-organisms. Go to the Viking section of the website to see the fully updated Viking dry suit portfolio

  • Last updated 11/3/2014
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