VIKING™ XTREME – a trusted partner soon to retire

4 April 2014, TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN - - 

The VIKING™ XTREME dry suit was launched in 2000 as the current Viking option for the demanding recreational diver as well as for professional diving applications like marine biologists and scientific divers. Over the years, the Xtreme suit has not only served its purpose well, but has also brought safety, comfort and protection to thousands of Xtreme suit owners.

The era of the Viking Xtreme suit is however reaching its end and it will soon retire. The existingI
 VKING™ HAZTECH will then fully replace the Xtreme as the Viking PU suit option. But for all that have not yet tried the trusted Xtreme suit there is still time. Visit the VIKING™ XTREME product page on our website to take a look at all of the features and benefits. And contact your local dealer/distributor for orders and inquiries!


  • Last updated 11/24/2014
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