How does the TRETIGHT™ dock seal function?

  1. The truck reverses and docks.
  2. The fan starts and inflates the cushions, starting with the side cushions, and followed by the top cushion. The inflation of all cushions takes less than 30 seconds.
  3. Unloading of truck. An electric fan is operating the entire time a Tretight dock seal is in use. Air is taken from the outside which gives a low noise level measured to less than 75dB(A). Low pressure and the flexible fabric ensures a good seal around the sides and top of the vehicle.
  4. Once the fan is turned off, the pressure starts to drop. It takes around 1 minute to completely deflate all the cushions and slide them back to the deflated position along the wall. Cushions are stored in such a way that they do not come into contact with vehicles backing into the loading bay. Wear and tear as well as the risk of damage is minimal. The flexible fabric contributes to the quick movement of the cushions especially when deflating. The counterweight for the top cushion and the elastic cords for the side cushions bring the cushions well away from the truck in order to avoid damages.
  5. Truck drives away.
  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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