What is the chemical exposure time for a VIKING™ rubber dry suit?

First of all, it is a European legal requirement for ALL diving dry suits to be tested and certified to EN14225-2:2017. Certificates for VIKING™ dry suits are available for download on the VIKING™ product pages.

Additionally, if a dry suit is to be offered and used for contaminated water diving, then hazmat (HZ) testing needs to be carried out by a third party test house.

HZ testing involves permeation testing of the following chemical groups: Acids, Bases, Polar Solvent and Fuel Oils. Each chemical used in testing is deemed to be the most aggressive in its class, i.e. chemicals with the smallest molecules in each respective class. Therefore, if a chemical with bigger molecules is encountered, then we know that the permeation results of that specific chemical will be better / longer.

The chemical permeation data for each HZ rated VIKING™ dry suit is included on a label attached to the inside of each dry suit. The tables are also available in the  VIKING™ product pages.

At Ansell Protective Solutions, we have an in-house team of experts who will do their best to answer any questions relating to chemical hazards which may be encountered on diving operations.

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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