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European standard for diving suits

The European standard for diving suits, EN 14225, is currently the only standard in place regarding diving dry suits worldwide.

The standard is a legal requirement which specifies the construction and performance of dry suits engaged in underwater activities where the wearer is breathing underwater.

Marking and labeling information is to be provided at the point of sales, and instructions for use are also required. Laboratory and practical performance tests also form part of the standard.

Furthermore, dry suits that are claimed to offer some degree of protection from chemicals need to be tested against the additional requirements contained within this standard. The symbol HZ is used to designate chemical protection.

Ansell Protective Solutions is extremely aware of their obligations towards the professional diving community, and have invested a great deal of time and money in complying with these requirements. All VIKING dry suits have attained basic EN14225-2:2005 certification, and VIKING PROTECH BE Navy, HD, HDS & HAZTECH suits have the additional HZ approval.

These approvals must be carried out by a third party test house, and the certificates are issued by these test bodies.

It is the responsibility of the diving supervisor and/or the diver to ensure that the dry suits purchased do in fact have these approvals. So, when making a dry suit purchase, please do ask for a copy of the official certificate. VIKING certificates are freely available for download from the Products section on this website.

Be a safe and protected diver.

The EN 14225 standard is divided into four separate documents as follows:


Suit type Standard document
Wetsuits 14225-1
Dry Suits 14225-2
Actively Heated or Cooled Suits/Systems 14225-3
One Atmosphere Suits (ADS) 14225-4


Compliance with the Dry Suit standard is mandatory in the EU.

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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