AlphaTec®Repair Kit

Contains everything required to make simple patching of the different AlphaTec® (formerly known as TRELLCHEM®) suits and hoods.


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AlphaTec®Repair Kit


A full set of components for simple patching, all packed in a plastic box.

Note: There is one repair-kit for each suit material, since the patches as well as the glue, are different for different materials. When ordering, be sure to state which suit the repair-kit is required for.


Repair kits for AlphaTec® EVO/FLASH/VPS/SUPER:

  • 1 can (125 ml) Rubber adhesive 26-0724
  • 1 bottle (8 ml) Desmodur RFE hardener
  • 1 bottle (125 ml) Heptane solvent
  • 1 set repair patches in different sizes
  • 1 pce brush


Repair kits for AlphaTec® LIGHT/TRAINER/Splash/66-300 range:

  • 1 tube Bostik Universal PVC adhesive
  • 1 bottle (125 ml) Heptane solvent
  • 1 set repair patches
  • 1 pce brush

material safety data sheets (MSDS)

Repair kits for AlphaTec® EVO/FLASH/VPS/SUPER:

MSDS Rubber Adhesive 26-0724

MSDS Desmodur RFE Hardener

MSDS Heptane Solvent


Repair kits for AlphaTec® LIGHT/TRAINER/Splash/66-300 range:

MSDS Bostik Universal PVC Adhesive

MSDS Heptane Solvent


Product data sheet (Pds)

PDS AlphaTec® Repair Kit


instructions for use (ifu)

IFU AlphaTec® Repair Kit


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