AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit

AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit contains everything required to make a quick and simple check of the gas-tight integrity of
Level A/Type 1 gas-tight chemical protective suits.


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AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit


AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit allows for testing according to the European test method ISO 17491-1 (stipulated in EN 943) as well as ASTM F 1052 (stipulated in NFPA 1991).


  • Type CV/VP1/Freeflow: for testing encapsulating suits
  • Type T: for testing non-encapsulating suits
  • Type All: for testing all suit types


  • Face seal plate (kit All & T), with connection and inflation valve
  • Inflation adapter (kit All & CV/VP1/Freeflow) with connection and inflation valve
  • AlphaTec® Adapter for connection to AlphaTec® Exhalation valve, for inflation (kit All & CV/VP1/Freeflow)
  • Manometer/Pressure gauge with hose and quick release coupling, scale in mbar & psi
  • Digital stop watch/timer
  • Sealing rubber plugs for TRELLCHEM® Exhalation valves
  • Sealing plugs for AlphaTec® Exhalation valves

All packed in a black plastic box with Instructions for Use.

Product Data Sheet (PDS)

PDS AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test-kit



IFU AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit (English)


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