Mass Decon System

The mass decon system is used to decontaminate people
in a minimum of time with a maximum efficiency and safety.
A minimum of assistance from third parties is needed during
the decontamination process.

  • Easy to carry
  • Quick to assemble
  • Convenient storage
  • Excellent quality
  • Customisable
  • Complete system


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Mass Decon System

The Mass Decon System consists of the following units:

  • Shelter
  • Integrated shower system
  • Shower strips and basin
  • Accessories: Clean water supply, waste water, positive airflow inside the shelter, lighting, conveyor, pistol & brush, etc.


The AlphaTec™ range is the best option for the mass decon system.

Read more about AlphaTec™ RR, AlphaTec™ PR35, AlphaTec™ PR45


The integrated shower system is installed in the shelters and creates different zones inside the tent, e.g. waiting, undressing, shower and redressing areas. The inside walls may be lifted up when necessary.


The shower stations are equipped with shower strips with both clean and soap water supply. The basin is installed in the shelter and keeps the water inside the shower area.


For water supply, lighting, positive airflow inside the shelter and other properties needed in the mass decon system, various accessories are available.

Read more about accessories.

Clean water supply 

Clean water supply is essential for the Mass Decon System. No water - no decontamination. Water supply can be community water supply, water tanks, containers, bags.

1. Water reservoir (fluid bag) 
2. Hydrophore pump
3. Water heater
4. Water manifold
5. Inducer
6. Hose set


Waste water

The waste water collection is setup in the warm zone, away from the clean water supply. As waste water is contaminated, it is to be collected for proper treatment. Collection can be done using tanks, containers, bags.

7. Waste water pump
1. Fluid bag


To be sure to have a positive airflow inside the shelter an air blower or heater is connected to a duct on the ‘cold-zone-side’ of the tent. This way clean air is blown from the clean side of the mass decon system to the contaminated side.

An air blower is just for positive airflow, while a heater is used in more cold environments ensuring the people not to suffer from the cold.


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