AlphaTec™ RR - Rescue Tents

The AlphaTec™ RR systems are specially developed to provide first responders with the equipment they need and when they need it on a short notice.

  • Inflated in less than two minutes
  • Lightweight: two-man handling
  • Built-in safety valves
  • No coloured light interference
  • Shelters can be connected to other models
  • Stays up for several days without re-inflation
  • Two chamber inflation structure
  • Can be used as part of the MASS DECON SYSTEM


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AlphaTec™ RR - Rescue Tents

The compact, and immediately assembled tent is specially designed for use in any emergency or disaster situation, or any situation where time or manpower is of critical importance.

  • Rubber frame

  • Inflated using electric blower or compressed air cylinder in connection with a pressure reducing valve
  • Equipped with built in overpressure valves
  • Stays up for several days without re-inflation
  • Possible to connect to other shelters
  • Possible to use for Mass Decon System
  • Two-chamber inflation structure
  • Durable and strong rubber frames
  • Tent entry and exit are equipped with zippers
  • 2 ducts for heating or air-conditioning system
  • 2 ducts for electrical cables
  • Packed in a bag
  • Delivered with tent pegs, hammer, hand pump and repair kit


  • 3-layer windows - Mosquito net, transparent and full cover
  • Detachable groundsheet with hook-and-loop attachments
  • Net roof - Great for e.g. hanging of equipment inside the shelter
  • Connection sheet with zippers for connection of two tents
  • Water belt for anchoring of shelter.
    Capacity 600 l, set of 2 pcs. 400x30 cm, 8 kg
  • Banners for customised marking with various types of letters and/or symbols
  • Thermal insulation inner liner
  • Integrated shower system
  • 6 m width enables positioning of two beds opposite each other with an aisle between them, for a comfortable work environment

Cover material

  • PES, PU coating, 250 g/m2
  • Available in different colours (standard colour grey)

Frame material

  • Rubber fabric
  • 600 g/m2
  • Black
Product Area (m2) Height (m)  Width (m) Length (m)  Weight (kg)  Package size (m)
AlphaTec RR20 22  3.25 6.05  3.70  57 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.5
AlphaTec RR30 33  3.25 6.05  5.50  82 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.5
AlphaTec RR40 44  3.25 6.05 7.3  103 1.3 x 1.0 x 0.65
AlphaTec RR50 55  3.25 6.05  9.10  121 1.3 x 1.0 x 0.8
AlphaTec RR60 66  3.25 6.05 11.00  146 1.5 x 1.2 x 0.8
Connection tent 35 3.25 6.6 6.6 54


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