TRETIGHT™ is a range of inflatable loading dock seals with excellent sealing ability, which help minimising heat loss and improving energy conservation. The flexible rubber coated fabric in combination with low pressure, preserves internal temperatures and protects products from outside contaminants. The seals create the draught-free climate you need between any vehicle and the loading dock in a matter of seconds – regardless of the prevailing temperature.

  • Versatile: Fits a majority of loading bays and vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly: Saves energy by preventing air flow
    between different temperature areas
  • Improves the work environment: Preserves internal temperatures
    and does not add any extra noise
  • Extremely durable: There are units on the market that have been 
    in use for 15+ years
  • Weatherproof: The seal is not affected by the weather - the material
    remains elastic and supple even in cold conditions
  • User friendly: Simple installation & minimum maintenance
  • Easy to operate: Inflates by pushing a single button
  • Customisable: The different cushions can be combined and adapted
    to fit various sizes of doors

NEW! We are now proudly introducing the TRETIGHT™ LIGHT - a more economical solution, made to the same quality standards as the original TRETIGHT™



  • Cold storage facilities
  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Logistic & Distribution centres
  • Warehouses


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