Magnum Rubber Hood

The Magnum is a rubber hood with a latex face seal and with a latex neck seal fitted to the suit. Ideal for contaminated water diving.

  • Hood seams stitched inside, and vulcanised on the outside with a rubber tape
  • Magnum Flex and Magnum HDS versions available
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • Available in black only


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Magnum Rubber Hood

  • The Magnum hood functions just like a normal hood whereby it has a latex face seal, and a latex neck seal attached directly to the suit.
  • The hood MUST be used with a hood liner for thermal insulation, and to protect the ears.
  • Material is extermely puncture and abrasion resistant just like the suit material.
  • Hoods are made in 3 sizes, but also incorporate a Velcro adjustable strap at the back of the hood in order to adjust the fit of the face seal.
  • Size range: Medium, Large, X-Large

There are 2 versions of the Magnum available as follows:

  • Magnum Flex made from the stretchy PROTECH material
  • Magnum HDS for fitting to HDS & HAZTECH suits


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