VIKING™ Quick Neck System

The VIKING™ Quick Neck System is a new and modern method of connecting a latex neck seal to a dry suit to facilitate in field change of broken seals, and to allow for more than one user of a suit to have his or her own unique seal.

  • Modern lightweight system
  • Flexible method of attaching a neck seal without the need for adhesives
  • Easy replacement to reduce downtime, and allow for multiple users


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VIKING™ Quick Neck System

This dynamic and modular system revolves around a lightweight and very flexible attachment platform, which is attached to a drysuit by way of gluing and taping to the outside surface when the suit is being manufactured. The neck ring may also be retro fitted by an authorised VIKING™ dealer.

The neck ring features a groove on the underside, which allows for the fitting of a latex neck seal.

The seal is held in place by a flexible lock ring.

A combi tool is provided with the neck ring for the correct fitting and removal of the lock ring.


  • You may choose from a variety of seals in different sizes. Silicone seals may also be fitted using this system. 
  • If a seal tears or becomes damaged, you can quickly solve the problem without losing a day's diving.
  • For professional teams, this solves the problem of multiple people using one suit, by having their own personal neck seal trimmed to their size.

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