VIKING™ XT500 Underwear

VIKING™ XT500 undersuits, created in conjunction with Fourth Element, representing a new generation of close fitting, warm underwear.

  • More warmth created with less bulk
  • Flexible assembly of separate top, leggings and socks supplied as a complete set
  • Added crotch strap for security


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VIKING™ XT500 Underwear

VIKING™ XT500 undersuits are manufactured from high insulation, low bulk fabric, ensuring exceptional levels of protection.

The material combines a fast wicking fabric with a high density inner fleece. The outer layer has a water repellent finish.

This combination creates a micro climate around the diver keeping the body dry and warm with its moisture wicking properties.

The close fit minimises the amount of air moving around within the garment, thereby reducing the cooling effect.

Even when wet, the VIKING™ XT500 retains a significant degree of its thermal performance, so that a diver can continue his dive in relative comfort.

Top includes thumb loops, and leggings have an adjustable waistband and include foot loops.


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