Rubber Cuff Ring Kit

A simple and effective method for attaching latex seals and latex gloves. Also makes seal replacement without glue an easy task. Ideal for contaminated water diving as part of a sealed system.

  • Easy to mount on a drysuit
  • Simple and effective to use
  • Change broken wrist seals without glue
  • Mounting platform for latex dry gloves


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Rubber Cuff Ring Kit

The cuff ring kit comprises of an outer rubber ring which can be glued to the end of the drysuit sleeve.

The latex wrist seal is then pulled over the inner plastic ring, and held in place with some plastic tape. The inner plastic ring and seal are then inserted down through the sleeve, until it pushes into place inside the rubber ring.

A latex glove may then be pulled over the outer rubber ring, and held in place by a rubber outer band for additional security.

Alternatively, the outer rubber ring can be mounted directly onto a latex seal which is already glued to the end of the sleeve, and the inner plastic ring inserted from inside the seal until it connects with the outer rubber ring.

MATERIAL 2 versions of the rubber ring are available:

  • STD for most rubber suits and trilaminate suits.
  • HDS made from NITECS rubber, for HDS and HAZTECH suits.

SIZE One size only.


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