TRELLCHEM® References


Ansell Protective Solutions and Trellchem® is a proud provider of personal protective products to some of the world’s most well-known companies and national organisations. Some of these references are found below.


Fire & Rescue

FDNY - Fire Department New York, US (Trellchem VPS Flash)

Tokyo Metropolitan Department, Japan (Trellchem HPS, Trellchem EVO)

Hamburg Fire Brigade, Germany (Trellchem EVO)

BMI - Service Public Fédéral Intérieur, Belgium (Trellchem Super)



SWEDEC - Swedish EOD and Demining Center, Sweden (Trellchem HPS)

US Army Demilitarization Program, US

Japan Ground Self Defence Force, Chemical Division, Japan (Trellchem HPS)

Royal Thai Army, Chemical Division, Thailand (Trellchem HPS)


Law Enforcement

NYPD Emergency Services Unit, US

FBI Chemical Response Team, US

Centraldienst der Polizei, Germany (Trellchem VPS)

Tokyo Police Agency, Japan (Trellchem HPS)


Industry & Shipping

Lanxess, Belgium (Trellchem Splash 600)

Statoil, Norway (Trellchem Super)

British Nuclear Fuels, UK (Trellchem Super)

A.P. Møller - Maersk Group, Denmark (Trellchem Super)

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