TRELLTENT™ References


TrellTent inflatable shelters have been used for many years in different areas such as Defence, Fire & Rescue and Industry. Some references are listed below.


Armasuisse, Switzerland

Swedish Army, Sweden

Moscow Civil Defence, Russia

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Servicio de Bomberos, Spain

Comunidad de Madrid – Servicio de Bomberos, Spain

Consorcio de Bomberos de Valencia, Spain

Ejercito de Tierra de España – HRF Cuartel de Alta Disponibilidad GCTAD-Jaime I (Betera-Valencia), Spain

INEM – Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica, Portugal

Royal Australian Air Force, Australia

Queensland Fire & Rescue Service in Brisbane, Australia

SMART Team, Malaysia

Fire Departments, Japan

Japan Ground Self Defence Force, Japan

  • Last updated 7/20/2018
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